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WATCH: The simple reasons VSCTV's Chris Morgan chose Cablecast Streaming Apps

May 26, 2022

Another satisfied Cablecast customer – Chris Morgan from Valley Shore Community Television (VSCTV)
in Westbrook, CT – explained why his organization chose Cablecast for its streaming apps. “In one system,
your video on demand, video playback, and streaming – all in one interface,” he said.

It’s difficult to find live programming on smart TV apps using some alternatives, according to Morgan,
but Cablecast makes it simple. “You open it up, the live stream’s right on the top,” he added. “You’ve got
content that’s updated dynamically based on how new the video is. And it’s constantly curating the
content for people to be able to find easy.”

The simple interface was very important for VSCTV, Morgan explained, because some viewers who “may
not be as computer proficient as others may have a harder time finding that kind of stuff.”

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