Cablecast RTMP Proves Its Worth for Cambridge Public Schools

Updated: Feb 27, 2023

Screenshot of Youth View Cambridge Channel feed

Matt Mena-Landry, media arts manager for Cambridge Public Schools in Cambridge, MA, said Cablecast RTMP has become “incredibly useful” for the district. A cloud-based streaming service, Cablecast RTMP brings live RTMP feeds directly into Cablecast hardware. The feeds can then be used for cable, web and streaming app playback, as well as streaming on Facebook Live and YouTube Live. 

Recently, while covering an event in the back field of one the district’s schools, he recalled how a similar streaming video project would have required thousands of dollars of equipment just a few years ago. Instead, with Cablecast RMTP, he used “a long network cable to a computer with a switcher – and I was able to broadcast that to our channels.”

Mena-Landry also said being able to embed VOD material has been very helpful. “We now have 10 years’ worth of content that we’ve created and shared with the district.” he added. “We just embed it on a page for that school. The teachers and the students know exactly where to access it.”

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