Cablecast REFLECT+ Delivers Your Content Even When You Can’t

Updated: Aug 31, 2023

A REFLECT+ Content Delivery Network storing video content and files on the cloud to deliver to all platforms

Power outages – they happen. So do drive failures. These situations can paralyze a PEG station and its online capabilities.

Here’s the cool thing: Cablecast REFLECT+ doesn’t care. It keeps your content ready and accessible for your audience.

Introduced in Cablecast 7.5, REFLECT+ allows users to push some or all of their media assets into cloud storage. That means your contact remains separate from your network, so it’s not subject to network limitations, or local power outages, or other complications, for that matter. You could literally put your servers in shipping boxes and move to another facility, and all the while your VOD content would still be accessible.

Cablecast REFLECT+ is also designed to be a scalable solution. For example, you choose how much storage you want on the cloud. You can also push specific VOD content to the cloud automatically.

Perhaps the best part is that with Cablecast REFLECT+, there’s no third-party hosting. Your content remains in your ecosystem in the cloud, which means no surprises from the big tech companies that change how your viewers access your content. The content you have stored in the cloud is ready to stream, safe from bad weather and bad bandwidth.

Don't let power outages or drive failures stop your PEG station's online capabilities. Stay connected, rain or shine. Contact our team today and schedule a chat to learn more.

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