Cablecast Chaptering Helps Holbrook Viewers ‘Cut to the Chase’

Updated: Feb 27, 2023

Screenshot of Zach Gorman, executive director at HCAM during interview

Chaptering, a feature Cablecast has offered for years, makes it easy for the audience to quickly find relevant content within VOD programs, according to Zack Gorman, executive director of Holbrook Community Access and Media (HCAM) in Holbrook, MA.

“In a two-hour- long government meeting, there’s two or three issues they really want to focus on.” he explained. “So they really want to be able to … cut to the chase.”

With Cablecast, real-time chaptering is quick and easy – and HCAM viewers can skip agenda items that are not relevant. “So for us, to help serve the community to give them the ability to click on a button that takes them right where they want to be,” Gorman added, “certainly gives us an increase in our value to them – but provides the service they’re looking for in an age where people want it and they want it now.” 

Click here to see an example of how HCAM uses chaptering for its meeting coverage.

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