WATCH: PCTV Reviews Cablecast Closed Captioning

Updated: Feb 27, 2023

A firefighter video, closed captioned by Cablecast

Last fall, Cablecast expanded its closed captioning options with our version 7.4 upgrade – and now, the reviews are coming in from real users!

Shawn Serre, executive director of Pittsfield Community TV in Pittsfield, MA, has offered a testimonial about his experience using the new interface with live and pre-recorded programs. “The ability for us to go into our show record and check off that we want a particular program captioned, and then all that process happens in the background without a lot of operator attention is wonderful,” he said. “Captions that come out are just surprisingly accurate.”

One program that was captioned was a firefighter challenge. During production, the microphone was mounted on the camera, and most of the talking was heard through a public address system or from people who were not close to the camera. “It was amazing how well the system did picking up those words,” Serre added. “It’s really very, very good.”

The new Cablecast interface controls allow users to add captions to live feeds and file-based programming. It’s a cost-effective captioning option that doesn’t require up-front equipment or software investments, because the captioning engine uses intelligent speech-to-text conversion that runs in the cloud. Plus, Cablecast customers who prefer to use the enCaption4 solution from ENCO Systems can now trigger the service from within Cablecast instead of using separate software interfaces.

Experiment with your own programming, live or file-based, sign up for a free 5 hour captioning trial here*

*Cablecast Closed Captioning free trials are only available for Cablecast Flex & Cablecast VIO video servers running software v7.4 or later. To upgrade your system, please get in touch here.

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