Four Ways Live Streaming Just Got Even Better in Cablecast

Updated: Feb 28, 2023

Live Streaming Updates ' On Air' Image

Live streaming content from your Cablecast sever has always been simple and seamless, but with an upgrade to the latest Cablecast Software version, you can level up with some shiny new options and performance enhancements. Cablecast software version 7.3 adds:

Support for Line 21 Closed Captions - Line 21 closed captions are supported when ingesting SD NTSC signals.

Automatic Resolution Detection and Scaling - your server will automatically scale any content you feed it according to the adaptive bitrate settings.

Option for Live Stream Poster Graphic - Upload a graphic to display on screen when live video is not playing.

Support for Live Stream Autoplay - Live stream players can now be configured to have autoplay enabled (this is subject to browser support).

Click here to request your upgrade to Cablecast v7.3.

Automation Workflow

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