Bulletin Board Spotlight: Dakota Media Access, Bismarck, ND

Updated: Feb 27, 2023

Screenshot of Dakota Media Access Bulletin Board Channel powered by Cablecast

Rather than use a template, Dakota Media Access customizes its Cablecast CG Bulletin Board appearance – and pairs the visuals with background audio from its community radio station, Radio Access 102.5 FM. The bulletin board runs in between shows (and occasionally in a 30-minute time slot), with the main zone appearing on the homepage of its website, FreeTV.org.

A background image changes each season, while the QR code in the lower-left corner takes viewers to the Dakota Media Access website. The bulletin board provides constant time, date, and weather information, while the main zone features community information.

“We allow area nonprofit organizations, schools, churches, and government agencies to send us their announcements,” added Holly Schindler, master control/program coordinator for Dakota Media Access, “Some organizations do send us ‘camera-ready’ bulletins. Otherwise, I design the announcements using Adobe Photoshop and Canva.”

Are you ready to bring your bulletin board to the next level? Learn more about Cablecast CG Bulletin Board here.

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