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Bulletin Board Spotlight: Aurora TV, Aurora, CO

September 30, 2021

Screen shot of Aurora TV Cablecast CG Bulletin Board

Government station AuroraTV operates three channels, including a full-time Cablecast CG bulletin board. Randy Simpson, manager of cable and TV services, takes a multi-zone approach to designing bulletin board content. It’s not unusual to see weather, national news, local news, and even a window showing content from Classic Arts Showcase, one of AuroraTV’s other channels.

“We live in a multi-screen world with people who are multi-tasking,” Simpson said. “Our approach is to not have just one piece of information on the screen. There is a lot of real estate on an HD screen – if you’re only posting information in a zone or two, you’re wasting space. Our bulletin board is a clearing house of information. There is something there for everybody, and sometimes people are there for multiple things.”

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