WATCH: Weather Radar, Traffic Updates and More for your Bulletin Board from Screenfeed

Updated: Feb 28, 2023

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With template-based designs, RSS feeds, automated programming schedules, and other integrated features, Cablecast CG kicks your community bulletin board up a notch (or two). Screenfeed can add another layer of awesome, with customized, licensed, and professionally designed content that keeps your residents coming back to your channel.

In this webinar, Screenfeed’s Steve Glancey offers a short primer on his company. While they are known for on-premises digital signage content solutions, Glancey says Screenfeed is a “great fit” for PEG stations as well, because you can populate your bulletin board with news feeds, sports, events, and more.

Screenfeed’s affordable, dynamic content feeds integrate easily with Cablecast CG, and reduce the time your staff has to spend on bulletin board content creation. There are a variety of localization options, as well as different layouts for weather and other content feeds. You can even combine Screenfeed’s traffic maps with local traffic cameras for complete, real-time traffic reports. With Screenfeed, your community bulletin board is bursting with information that’s valuable for your viewers – information that’s basically delivered daily on autopilot.

Also in the webinar, Cablecast’s own Shawn McHenry shows how easy it is to create a feed on your Cablecast CG bulletin board. He walks through the simple process of customizing a feed in Screenfeed, and shows how to add it to your existing CG channel. An extensive Q&A follows the demo, covering licensing, zone configuration, tech support, and more.

Get a free trial of Screenfeed here*.

*Note Screenfeed requires two licenses for feeds used in a broadcast channel setting. Please contact Screenfeed directly with questions.

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