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Turnkey OTT & Mobile Streaming Apps

Turnkey OTT & Mobile Streaming Apps


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This powerful add-on for Cablecast REFLECT brings your live and on-demand content to users on Apple TV, Roku, Amazon Fire TV, Android mobile, and iPhone and iPad devices. Enjoy zero steps to an up-to-date VOD library. With Cablecast Streaming Apps, your content updates dynamically as you make changes on your video server. Customize your metadata using the fields in the Cablecast UI and Cablecast intuitively sorts your on-demand content for viewers. Cablecast Streaming Apps are powered by Cablecast REFLECT and Cablecast REFLECT+, which shifts the burden of streaming delivery from the station’s own infrastructure to the cloud, increasing reliability and minimizing impact on your local network. Basic Streaming Apps are included free of charge with your Cablecast REFLECT or Cablecast REFLECT+ subscription.

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