Dynamic Audio Normalization added to Cablecast Automation

Updated: Feb 28, 2023
Dynamic Audio illustration

We're excited to announce that Cablecast 7.3 will add the ability to configure audio normalization on your channels.

Consistent audio loudness makes the viewing experience more enjoyable. Viewers don't need to keep adjusting the volume of their TV or viewing device each time a different show or promo comes on.

Dynamic audio normalization in Cablecast also improves your channel programming workflow. You can maintain consistent audio levels between programs without needing to individually process each show in advance. This is particularly valuable at PEG stations where programming is contributed by many different producers. It also helps overcome unpredictable audio levels in live content, particularly relative to recorded programming that precedes or follows it.

This powerful yet simple-to-use function allows operators to set a target loudness for audio playout on each individual channel. All audio is adjusted in real time to hit that level. This feature is available at no additional cost to Cablecast VIO users with active software assurance. Visit our knowledge base to learn more about this new tool. Click here to request your upgrade to Cablecast v7.3.

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