Expanded IP & Caption Support in Cablecast 7.1

Deliver more secure and accessible content to your viewers, all managed from inside the Cablecast web UI.

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Expanded IP Streaming & Caption Support

Cablecast 7.1

You asked for it, and Cablecast 7.1 delivers. Deliver more secure and accessible content to your viewers that is managed entirely inside the Cablecast web UI. This release also increases longevity of Cablecast Flex systems.

Expanded Network Streaming Support

Cablecast Flex and VIO systems will now support even more options for network streaming of your content. You can stream your content using HLS, RTP, RTMP, RTSP, and YouTube Live.

Closed Caption Sidecar Files

Cablecast will now support MCC & SCC sidecar files for closed captions. Now you can add and edit captions without re-encoding your video files.

Web Portal SSL Encryption

Cablecast 7.1 introduces easy setup for SSL certificates via Let’s Encrypt to quickly and easily secure web video portals. Cablecast users can now embed VOD files within their websites, improve content share-ability and improve Google search results.

Expanded features on Cablecast Flex

Cablecast Flex systems can now support some features previously only available on Cablecast VIO hardware. This includes confidence monitoring, channel branding, and digital file uploads directly in the Cablecast web UI, H.264 encoding, and support for Cablecast CG software on Carousel CG hardware. Cablecast CG support does not include support for Squeeze Backs on Carousel CG units.

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