Automated Scheduling Tools in Cablecast 6.6

Save time scheduling repeated events with powerful new automated scheduling features

Monday, Oct 13, 1PM Central: Cablecast 6.5 demo followed by live Q&A

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Time-saving automated scheduling features

Cablecast 6.6

Fill your channel schedule, free up your calendar. Do a more complete job in half the time, with more options to boot. Cablecast 6.6 introduces Gap Filler, Auto Scheduler, and Allowable Air Dates. Less time to schedule means more time for making content. Get back to doing what you love.

Gap Filler

Gap Filler uses saved searches to fill gaps with short videos like PSAs or show promos. You can also customize the intro and outro of your filled gaps. You can even program Gap Filler to cut back to your bulletin board before your next show starts.

Auto Scheduler

You remember your routine. Your server should too. Spend less time scheduling regularly recurring events with Auto Scheduler. Configure a set of rules for programs that run at the same time every week or month and Cablecast does the rest.

Allowable Air Dates

Not all content is evergreen. Setting Allowable Air Dates in a show record is an easy way to ensure that outdated content does not continue to air. Just set a start and end date for any show and Cablecast will prevent it from airing outside those dates.

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