Cablecast CG Integrated Broadcast Bulletin Board

Everything you loved about the award-winning Carousel Digital Signage platform, now optimized for video server playout.

Monday, Oct 13, 1PM Central: Cablecast 6.5 demo followed by live Q&A

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On-board broadcast bulletin board

Cablecast CG

Cablecast CG is an integrated graphic announcement system for your channel. It is the evolution of Carousel Digital Signage, specifically developed for on-air bulletins. Get it right in the box with the purchase of a Cablecast VIO video server.

Squeezebacks & L Bar Channels

Cablecast CG has the ability to play your live video server playout in a single zone of a bulletin board channel. This means you can have an L bar channel with dynamic content running around your live video.

Single Web Interface

Cablecast CG is a part of the core Cablecast web UI. No need to switch back and forth. Cablecast CG also works seamlessly with powerful Cablecast tools like the programming gaps filler.

Familiar Intuitive Work Flow

If you use and love the Carousel Digital Signage platform, you'll have no problem transitioning to Cablecast CG. If you're new to both Carousel and Cablecast CG, don't worry! Both platforms are designed to get started with little to no training.

Plays well with others

Cablecast CG can be included right in the box with a new Cablecast VIO server! No additional hardware required. And if you're not a Cablecast automation user, Cablecast CG can be used with other automation systems.

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