Are SRT Streams the Best Option for Live Remote Transport to Your Video Playback Server?

Updated: Oct 17, 2023

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Need a network solution for your remote video production workflow? At face value, using the public internet would seem like a lousy option. It is notoriously unreliable, with bandwidth fluctuations due to congestion (too many people using too many devices and using too much bandwidth) and other factors. Even weather and terrain can impact public internet signal reliability. Plus, the public internet is not secure. Enter SRT streams to the rescue.

SRT is short for Secure Reliable Transport. It’s a video transport protocol that was developed by Haivision to deliver high-quality video and audio using the worst networks. SRT has been widely adopted by broadcasters and equipment manufacturers. In fact, the SRT Alliance (founded by Haivision) has more than 600 members, including Cablecast.

Despite the challenges of the public internet or other non-dedicated networks, SRT delivers secure, low-latency video while protecting against packet loss and other transport issues. For low-budget setups, SRT can be used with OBS Studio, vMix, Wirecast, Wowza and others. For the many community media and city cable operations using Cablecast version 7.5, native support for live SRT streams playback and recording makes it easy (and affordable) for stations to send live meetings, events, and other programming back to master control using the public internet.

Cablecast VIO servers also support several network streaming protocols – including RTMP, HLS and NDI, among others – but SRT is a great option for cost-effective, reliable IP transport. Just pair your Cablecast VIO with an encoder on location and you can playout SRT streams, with no additional hardware needed. Want to learn more about how SRT streaming can improve your channel playback workflow? Get started here.

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