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Enjoy zero steps to an up to date over the top (OTT) library. Cablecast Screenweave pushes content from your Cablecast VOD and Cablecast Live server to your OTT channels on Apple TV and Roku. Customize your metadata using the fields in the Cablecast UI and Cablecast Screenweave intuitively sorts your on-demand content for viewers.

Cablecast Screenweave works in conjunction with Cablecast Reflect, which shifts the burden of streaming delivery from the station’s own infrastructure to the cloud, increasing reliability and minimizing impact on your local network. Cablecast Screenweave is included free of charge with your Cablecast Reflect subscription, including support for up to three channels per station.

  • Apple TV®
  • Roku®

When coupled with Reflect Services alone; you're able to list your channel on the "Cablecast Screenweave" application on all currently supported OTT Platforms.

For a custom application experience, you can purchase a "Custom Whitelabeled Application" on all supported platforms.

Included with purchase

  • Free channel via Screenweave OTT (Requires Reflect Live, VOD or Bundle)
  • Custom channel provided with Screenweave Custom App Purchase

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Screenweave OTT

Cablecast Reflect

Requires a Reflect Subscription

Take your Reflect Live and/or VOD and enable it for viewing on Apple TV® and Roku® devices.

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Cablecast Pro VOD automatically transcodes your VOD content to H.264 HLS streaming with support for Mac, PC, Android, iPhone and iPad.

Cablecast Live 350

Cablecast Live broadcasts your station’s content live in beautiful H.264 HLS streams over the internet to your community and beyond.

40TB Storage Upgrade

Expand content storage to 40TB (VIO and VOD servers. With initial hardware purchase only)

20TB Storage Upgrade

Expand content storage to 20TB (VIO and VOD servers. With initial hardware purchase only)


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